Personalized Printing on Tshirts – BULK (Round Neck T shirt)

20.00 د.إ

Round Neck T-Shirt (Unisex), Cotton/ Cotton Mix, 180-220 GSM, Many colors available, Sizes : SMALL, MEDIUM, LARGE, EXTRA LARAGE etc..
MOQ 1 : Photo prints / MOQ 10 :Screen print (Maximum Print Area : A4 Size)
MOQ 5 : Embroidery. (Maximum Embroidery Area 20×5 cms)
Print Technique : Print and Cut Vinyl Thermal Press, Screen Print and Embroidery.
Prices include : 1 side print only

You can imprint any images, picture, name or logo on your T-shirts with our printing services in Dubai. T-shirts printing specializes in printing of personalized T-shirts with custom photos, slogans and other T-shirts designs. We offer the quality T-shirt printing at the best rates.

Boost the environment atmosphere, be it office, party, holidays or any get together or celebration by branding your apparels and make everyone look equal as team.

FAQ’s of this product

Q) What is Print and Cut Vinyl Thermal Heat Press Technology ?
A) It’s a technology in which a durable (normal wash proof) vinyl is used for printing (normal wash proof inks) and then it gets cut by the plotting machine, then this material is stuck on the fabric using heat press machine. The Print will stay almost permanent and same for longer period in comparison with the Screen Print Technology.
Washing Instructions : Manual Wash with Cold Water and Not Suitable for Direct Ironing.

  • Only sharp edged shapes can be printed through this method / blurred edges can not be printed.
  • Very small, tiny and obscure edged text and shapes can not be printed.
  • You can use graphics which have minimum 4mm gap between the cutting edges.
  • For an idea we can say that a text below 15mm height will be difficult for this method, might produce unwanted / weird results.

We suggest you to watch the below video for better understanding.


Q) What is Screen Print technology?
A) It’s a technology in which a Sharp-edged graphics can be printed, one color at a time. The graphic has to be exposed on a special cloth using chemicals and lights, Tiny and Small Shapes are not an issue in this technology. It has to be printed as many times as the number of colors. Gradients of colors (more than one color mixed shades at one spot) or real-looking photos might not print properly. The Print might not stay permanently as it is printed over the cloth not inside the cloth with double-layered color substance dark fabric and single-layer color substance on light fabric. Please avoid bleach and brush on the cloth.
Washing Instructions: Manual Wash with Cold Water and Not Suitable for Brushing and Direct Ironing on Printed Area.

The screen print process prints the same size and same artwork on all the T-shirts
The artwork is not scaled up or down as per the sizes of the T-shirts, which means the size of the artwork remains the same irrespective of the sizes of the T-shirts.


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