Multi Style Automatic Multicolor Self-Inking Stamps (Valid UAE TL mandatory for company stamps)

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Manufacturers: Shiny, Colop

The above sizes (displayed in the image) are the sizes of machines and the print impression might be 2mm smaller than the size (depends on the mechanism).

Stamps were used to be available only in basic colors like Black, Blue, Red, Green, or Purple. Multi-colored Stamps offer a wider choice of colors than one color on a self-inking stamp. Unlike ordinary self-inking stamps that can print in only one color, our Multi-Color stamps let you stamp in several colors at once! This creates personality, greater prominence, and your stamp impression can be beautifully expressed in a multitude of colors as real as life.

Our new Multi-Color stamps feature a special laser-cut ink pad that allows you to designate colors to various areas of your stamp! The creative possibilities are almost endless!

Our high-tech, patented process uses laser technology to control the cutting and inking of both the stamp and the rubber dye. Life is colorful!

Advantages of Multi-Color Stamps:-
– An individual, multicolored stamp impression is something special. It helps to set you off from the competition.
– Your stamp impression can display colorful symbols or present your logo in the colors according to your Corporate Identity.
– An attractive pallet of ten standard colors, as well as a few special colors, are available to you.

There are only two things to bear in mind for a technically flawless stamp impression:
– Differently colored letters and symbols must be at least 2 mm apart. A pdf file for logo is required in order to print any logos on the final imprint
– A continuous color field is at least 7 mm x 7 mm


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