Customized Coffee Chocolate Sprinkler Stencils (Coffee stencil)

13.00 د.إ


11 cm Dia (Including Handle), 6.5cm dia for the inner stencil, Any shape stencil design can be cut, Material used: PVC or Metal 2mm

Personalized Reusable Stencil For Coffee/Latte/Cappuccino – Also Great For Baking, You can now Customize Coffee mugs here too.

Coffee stencils are a great product for baristas and home cooks. A little decoration over a coffee or baked cake changes the entire look and essence of it. Get it for your café now. Coffee stencil with a personal logo enhances your cafe brand and also gives the customer a great experience.

Custom Made Coffee Stencil with your slogan – Reusable so you can use it over and over again.
Also great for baking and crafts of all kinds.

Technical limitations:
Kindly avoid thin lines, shapes, or fonts where the gap between the cutting line is less than 4mm
Kindly submit Vector .pdf /.ai / .eps / .cdr, if you don’t need generic fonts and shapes

NOTE: The use of stencils is completely dependent on your personal skills, powder quality, and other external factors. We are not responsible or liable if you’re not able to use it with your desired powder or machine or employees. This is a Stencil customization service, you are required to intrust designer on thickness details of lines if this concerns you.


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